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We provide an excellent opportunity for pupils to learn in a more differentiated, challenging, convenient and efficient way to explore their knowledge. We have the most excellent and latest learning resources for your child with a regular homework. Most of our tutees, show a quick improvement in their levels and grades in their school results. We have 70% successful results in 11+ Grammar Schools' exams. We provide pupils and parents with an economic and efficient way to improve performance and re-establish self-confidence. We start with a comprehensive assessment that identifies where the student needs help. We use the results of this assessment to put together a personal learning plan and our fully qualified tutors provide the individual attention and targeted help needed. Students move through the programme at their own pace without the pressure of keeping up with the class, nor the frustration of being held back by less able classmates.

We provide the facility to teach one to one session as well as group tuitions if you have more children at different levels. We are experienced to teach different students of different levels in the same group. We always create a personal challenging work for an individual student.

Free learning support can be provided to pupils with SEN . All our teachers are PGCE and QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) with enhanced DBS.

Terms and conditions apply. The whole website is created by ourselves which should not be compared with others and our main focus is on high standards of education and learning.



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